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India is a unique amalgam of diverse cultures, traditions, and beliefs, making it a country, unlike any other. With its spectacular pristine forest, stunning monuments, Awe striking Palaces and Forts, Serene beaches, Ancient temples, Sumptuous cuisines, vernacular changing every 70 km, a multifariousness in clothing-India will never cease to amaze you.

If you wish to relish a spoonful of this heterogeneous land and are having a tough time picking the ideal location, this article is precisely what you require.



Do you want to calm your nerves away from the urban chaos? Then surrounding yourself with the bliss of mother nature is a great way to do it. Northern , Central and South Western forests of India are home to diverse biodiversity. Indian forests are home to the highest numbers of wild tigers and Asiatic Elephants in the world. Boat ride , thrilling walking safaris and 4×4 rides in an open jeep are some of the best ways to explore the hidden beauty of these lush green Indian  forests.


In North Nainital, Mussoorie, Manali and Dalhousie are some of the most likable summer getaways for Indians. Offering a variety of activities and cosy bonfire to savour a harmonious chill twilight, Himalayas is the ideal style to beat the heat. Going further north, Kashmir- also known as paradise on earth, is renowned for its unparalleled beauty and perpetually blooming flora. Pampering yourself with some hot kahwa enclosed by snow-capped mountains and chinar trees is an experience worth living.

Pangong lake

In the extreme north, Ladakh is known as the Roof of the world. With lakes and rivers streaming with crystal clear water, and homing a bunch of spectacular ancient monasteries, Ladakh will leave a stunning, long-lasting mark on your memory. A drive at an altitude of 17000 ft, Camel safari on  sand dunes  surrounded by snow capped mountains and rafting in icy cold waters of Zanskar are  some of unique  experiences which are only possible at Ladakh. Enjoying a lip-smacking momos and thukpa in the lap of the snowy Himalayan ranges- doesn’t this sound like the definition of a wholesome vacation?


Does the sound of the crashing waves soothe your burning soul? Then Southern part of India has got you covered. India’s coastal line touches as many as 13 of its states. The state of Kerala, also known as God’s own country, is a picturesque land. Covered with lush greenery, coconut trees, and lush hills, Kerala supports a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Staying in the houseboats in the backwaters in Kerala is one of the most famous tourist indulgences. Here you can experience extraordinary blissful ayurvedic spa treatments that bring utmost tranquillity and composure. One of the best ways to experience Kerala is by savouring the most authentic and fresh seafood.

Neemrana Fort

Rajasthan- The land of Forts and Palaces, is your chance to have a taste of Maharaja life. Rajasthan is home to some of the best palace resorts and hotels in India, offering utmost luxury and heritage experience. Its land is dotted with hill top forts. A trip to these magnificent forts and palaces will take you to an intriguing history and glory of 800 years . In Rajasthan, you can treat yourself with the adventures of Hot-air ballooning and the camel safaris during sunset, which is the best way to relish the dunes’ beauty.

If you have a kick for exploring the unspoiled, then the Northeast part of India  can prove to be an excellent choice. The North-eastern states are an unadulterated gem of our country, ranging from the snowy crowns of Himalayas to the dense forest of perpetually rainy Meghalaya.


Goa is India’s most adored way of experiencing the beach life. The vibe of this place is very chill and laid-back, which serves as the classic getaway. If you are looking for an ideal break with your friends, nothing matches the thrill of partying on Goa’s seashore till the sun comes up.

Traveling to India’s most culturally rich cities is the best way to have an inclusive encounter with its heritage. We have curated a list of India’s classical cities, with worthy reasons to visit them.

One of oldest continuously inhabited city of the world, Varanasi is known by many names like  Kashi or Banaras is located on the banks of Ganga river. Varanasi is one of most revered Hindu pilgrimage. A boat ride along the Ghats of Varanasi is a  unique way to experience Hindu traditions and life.While taking a boat ride in Ganga one can notice activities of  Ghats. Some Ghats may mark celebration of new life while on others funerals can be seen.

Kolkata is one of its kind savory experiences that you owe to your taste buds.

The city’s colonial legacy can be traced back to as old as four centuries, Kolkata is a mine of exquisite art and monumental infrastructure.

Famously remembered as the Capital of India, Delhi is as grand and cultural as it gets. Delhi’s architectural brilliance and drool worthy Mughlai dishes are excellent walk down the memory of ancient India.

The city of Hyderabad is home to India’s some of the most traditional monuments. Qutub Shahi Tomb, Golconda Fort, and Chowmahalla Palace are some of the most extraordinary architectural pieces that have been created. And if you are a lover of Mughlai food, especially Biryani, then Hyderabad is your paradise.

Honesty is practically unlikely to narrow down all the great destinations of India in one article, as anything you write is a spec of the dust. But this blog is an honest attempt to get you as close to your ideal holiday as possible. The diverse land of India is anything but monotonous, and won’t ever cease to surprise you. No matter how old you are or your definition of the ideal holiday is, there’s something it has in store for everyone. India is the classic blend of Vibrance, joy, and enlightenment.

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