Best Wildlife Destinations in India

 India’s land homes some of the most astonishingly unique and diverse species of flora and fauna, making it a gold mine for nature lovers. These forest offers natural habitat to endangered mammals Royal Bengal tigers Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Asiatic Elephants, Sloth Bear, Himalayan Black  Bear, Leopards, Snow Leopard, One horned Rhino, more than 1300 species of exotic birds, numerous variety of insects , butterflies and reptiles. Nearly 22% of India’s territory is blanketed with lush green impenetrable forests that are dwellings for most majestic living creations, making them a trendy yearly holiday destination, attracting tourists from all across the globe. Spending time in the folds of these unadulterated nature phenomena defines a wholesome tranquil means of rejuvenating the senses. If you wish to grant yourself a much-needed break to soothe your nerves, then with this article, we intend you help choose your ideal forest retreat. 

In this article, we have listed down and discussed the five best National parks in India. All of them are located in diverse regions of the country and hold characteristics that make them unique.

1-      Ranthambore National Park

 Established near Sawai Madhopur, Ranthambore national park is one of the largest national parks residing in Indian state Rajasthan. The peculiarity that sets this site apart is the rich heritage that tags along. The Ranthambore national park is commemorated in history for serving as an private hunting  territory for Jaipur’s royalty. Here adventure is not limited till safaris, Ranthambore Fort is another attraction which is  standing grand  in the middle of forest. Ranthambore fort offers commanding view of Ranthambore Forest.

In India, Ranthambore is the finest place to spot the majestic Indian Tiger and Sloth bear. To witness their abode in their natural environment and capture its marvelous persona on their lens, thousands of travellers and photographers from all across the globe pay a visit to this National park, making it a major tourist attraction.

 Best Time to Visit

To experience the best tiger spotting experience and supreme tranquillity amidst the dense canopy of flora, you should ideally plan your visit from October to June.

 2-      Corbett National Park

Titled after a legendary hunter turned conservationist, Jim Corbett National place is settled in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is renowned for being one of India’s oldest and most beautiful national parks. With the exceptional facility of booking  forest rest houses located deep inside the dense forests, Corbett National park is a major tourist attraction site as its manifest true beauty of forest of Himalayan foothills also known as Terai Forest. Its Dhikala zone is world renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty ranging from grasslands, riverbeds,  thick forest.

Situated in Himalayas’ foothills, this place is a rich natural environment for over 600 elephants  species of birds and many further numerous varieties of flora and fauna. 

 Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to enjoy a phenomenal 4×4 open jeep safari  in this national park is between November to  May.

 3-      Tadoba National Park

 Tadoba national park is the oldest and the biggest national park in the Indian  state of Maharashtra. It makes for an enchanting spot for nature buffs to spot tigers. With 87 % of its entire land covered with dense meadows, this National park is home to Fauna’s diverse species, ranging from tigers, Sloth bears, Leopards and crocodiles to several varieties of delicate and exquisite birds and butterflies.

The Taboda national park nests between astonishing valleys and thickly forested hills that nurture colossal biodiversity.

A legendary tale connected to this national park, which, if believed, states that – Taru, after whom this park is named, was worshipped as God by the tribal community of this land. He died in a fatal encounter with a tiger, and currently, his shrine is placed on the edge of the river Taboda.

 Best Time to Visit

October to March is best time to unravel the beauty of  Tadoba National Park.

 4-      Kanha National park

Positioned in the central Indian highlands enclosing the cultivated Maikal range of Satpuras, Kanha national park is one of the exceedingly splendid tiger reserves globally. Kahna National Park is well-known as one the most well maintained national parks prevailing globally and noted for its vast expanse of grass land and forest. This national park is a verdant habitat for rich biodiversity.

The characteristic that signifies this place as distinctive is the widespread existence of Barasingha – famously recognized as Jewel of Kahna. Thanks to the substantiating biodiversity of this place, that this species was saved from getting extinct.

Kahna, over its existence, has successfully managed to sustain a massive variety of biodiversity of flora and fauna, captivating a heap of tourists and nature-buffs from several corners of the world. Surrounded by a thick stretch of breathtakingly gorgeous lush greenery, Kanha serves as an exemplary holiday destination for nature lovers. Taking the beauty of this place a notch higher, you can spot lakes with crystal clear water.

 Best Time to Visit

 The fittest months to enjoy an exuberating open jeep safari are between October- June.

 5-      Bandhavgarh National Park

 Established amid Vidhya Hills in Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh national park’s root go way penetrating history, as it used to be hunting ground for the Maharajas of Rewa. It continues to maintain its royal demeanour because it homes the densest concentration of Bengal tigers, leopards, and deers in the country. Bandhavgarh National park is a thriving breeding territory that has triumphantly honoured and preserved our nation’s tiger species. Every year this national park attracts a vast influx of photographers and tourists who come here to relish the best of India’s biodiversity.

To enjoy an extraordinary jungle safari in the core of spectacles of rich biodiversity, Bandhavgarh is an exemplary national park that deserves a visit.

 Best Time to Visit

October to June is best time to discover unmatched beauty of this  forest of central India

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