Dandeli – Kingdom of Black Panther


Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary


3 Days


Home to Bengal  Tiger, Black Panther and Asian Elephants, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Uttara Kanada District of Karnataka State  in India. In 2015 forest of  Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi Wildlife sanctuary both came under project Tiger and were given status of Tiger Reserves.Further both as a single tiger reserve they were addressed Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve and In  december 2015  Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve was renamed Kali Tiger Reserve. Kali is also a majestic river that passes through Kali Tiger Reserve. It has an area of 1300 square kilometers. Although its name has been changed to Kali Tiger Reserve but it is still famous as Dandeli or Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary among travellers.  It is the closest renowned Tiger Reserve  to Goa.

Tourist Attractions at Dandeli

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Best Time to visit Dandeli:

Winter  (September –  March) – Best Time:

In these months  morning and evening remain cold while  afternoon becomes  pleasant.

Summer (March – May) –  Good Time:

In these months on  clear sunny days morning and evening remain pleasant while afternoon becomes slightly warmer here if skies  turn cloudy it may bring the mercury level  little low

Monsoon (June – August) – Not so Good Time:

In this period Kodagu(Formerly Coorg)  receives abundance of rainfall so the lush green beauty of nature emerges. However sometimes your local sightseeing and excursions plans may hamper due to Intermittent  rainfall.

How to Reach Dandeli


Hubli Airport is just 56 kms from Dandeli while Panjim Airport is the  next closest Airport to Dandeli (135 Kms). Panjim  airport  is well connected to all major metro  cities of India: Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad,  Kolkata and Mumbai.


Londa is the nearest junction to Dandeli (37 Kms ) while the second best option is Hubli junction (75 kms). Hubli  is well connected with other major cities of India:New Delhi, Bangalore,  Chennai, Mumbai, etc


Dandeli  is well connected by road to other metro cities of India.

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