Gopalpur is a  delightful, peaceful little seaside resort, 16 kms south-east of Berhampur. The beach is attractive and far less polluted than Puri. There's very little to do but laze around and go for walks - a great place to chill out.

The quiet beach enjoys the reputation of being one of the most pristine beaches, in active use in Orissa. The crumbling walls and pillars of an ancient jetty, are witness to Gopalpur's maritine past, when it was an active port.

The call of an unidentified bird from the casuarina groves and the crash of the surf, act as a perfect medium, for a quiet introspection and convivality, if one is feeling a little more lively. The pleasures of the Blue Beach and the Blue Bay backwaters are a beach-lover's paradise.

Climate & Geogaphical Location
The climate is salubrious.

How to Reach
 The only buses from Gopalpur are to Berhampur, which is on the main Calcutta-Chennai train line. From the bus stand there are regular departures to Bhubaneswar, overnight buses to Jeypur and regular buses t o Taptapani.

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